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The Show Car Competition was started in 1977 to provide car Units that cannot perform on the Competitive Drill fields or Obstacle Courses Units with the opportunity for competition. It has steadily grown for just a few vehicles to more ,than 100 in Competition. Classes have been changed and modified to accommodate as they grown or are created. Show Cars are divide into the following classes:
    Antique Cars-Any vehicle which is classified as an antique in the state where the
    member resides.

    Modified- Any vehicle that has been changed or modified from it's original design
    and make up.

    Convertible-Any Unit that is made up solely as a convertible Unit may enter the
    Convertible Class.

    Commercial-Any vehicle that is used for a commercial purpose.

    Sports Car- Any vehicle that is recognized by any national sports club as a sports

    Special Interest- All of the above and more. This can be any vehicle regardless of
    age or appearance.

Any Unit may enter as many vehicles as they want in any class they they fall into. Some Units are made up of many types that may fall into more than one class. You may enter as many vehicles as you want into as many classes as you want.

Each Unit will be judged together as a whole, no matter how many classes you may enter into. The score sheets are the same for each class and are color coded for each class so that each class may be separated for scoring in each separate class. Each Unit will have two phases of inspection. One judge will inspect the personnel and deduct for infractions on the score _sheet. Each vehicle will have it's own score sheet. Several judges will inspect the vehicles in different categories, such as interior of vehicle, exterior of vehicle, under the hood and trunk. The score from each vehicle is added with the Unit score from the personnel inspection to come up with an score for each vehicle. All the scores of the entire Unit's entry into each class is then added and averaged for a final Unit score. Each Unit is then awarded bonus points for participation. A 1/2 point bonus for each vehicle shown beyond competitor in you class is added to the Unit average score for a final Unit Score in each class. Trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each class.

CSASMC SHOW CAR COMPETITION RULES - click here for print friendly version

The types and classes of this Association do not necessarily follow the rules of the Antique Car Clubs. The vehicles must be running and drivable. No vehicles that are made up for show purposes only will be allowed to compete. All vehicles must be as near to original as possible, but need not to be to the " nit picking" of the exact length of the original bolt of the of the original color or type radiator hose.

Keep in mind that these vehicles are used in paraded and are judged on the basis of "crowd pleasing appeal".


Antique: Any vehicle in this class must be at least twenty five (25) years old. The vehicle shall be of original type color, upholstery, wheels, wheel covers, body, and mechanics except the addition of air conditioning, modem safe tires and charging system. No commercial type vehicle may compete in this class.

Special Interest: Any type vehicles may be placed in this class except the Commercial type Vehicle. This will be left to the owner if he desires to be placed in this class, but he must make his class known to the Officers before judging starts and have time to get his vehicle in the proper position for judging.

Commercial: This class is for any vehicle that had a commercial type use; such as : trucks, fire engines, ambulance, hearse, bus, etc. No automobiles are allowed in this class.

Modified Class (Street Rods) Any automobile that has been altered from an original vehicle, that is state approved, licensed and insured for street driving in the state the member resides can compete. No vehicles that compete in other classes or commercial vehicles may compete in this class.

Convertible Class: Any Unit or Club who are strictly have convertible vehicles.

Anyone Unit of a Temple mayor can be in one or all five classes if they desire, under the above rules. If there is more than one vehicle from the same Unit in anyone class, their scores will be added and then divided by the number of vehicles that were judged in that one class, for an average score for the vehicles of that Unit.

The Show Cars will only compete against other Show Car vehicles and will not be judged or compared with the motorcycles or vehicles who do maneuvering competition.

CSASMC SHOW CAR COMPETITION RULES - click here for print friendly version

The Show Car Vehicles will be judged on their own scoring sheets and rules, and cannot enter into the competitive maneuvers or obstacle course, unless the unit desires to do Competitive Drill and then in this case they may do so but under Competitive Drill and Obstacle Course Rules. No unit will be allowed to compete in both types of competition, (Show Cars cannot compete in drill maneuvers and then also compete against other Show Cars in their competition.)

One half point bonus for each vehicle shown, over and above the number of vehicles shown by a competing Unit in the same class, will be added to the averaged score of that Unit and then be totaled for a final score.( 3 vehicles vs. 18 vehicles, a bonus of 7.5 points will be added to the Unit averaged score.

Revised March 9, 2002

Show Car Tally Sheet

Purpose | Show Car | Obstacle | Show Bike | Slow Ride | Traveling Trophy | Drill | Awards

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