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click here for print friendly version      3-4 wheel course layout

Each member Unit may enter into the Obstacle Course and may enter as many vehicles as they wish into the Obstacle Course in whichever class they fall into. The classes in the Obstacle Course are the same as the Competitive Drill classes. There are two courses set up, one for two wheeled vehicles, and one for multi-wheeled vehicles. There is no set course, and each course is usually different than from previous years. Each course is timed with electronic clocks. The object is to complete the course in as fastest time as possible, without leaving the course, and stopping the front wheel of your vehicle in a set stopping area. Each course has small cones outlining the course with painted directional arrows on the path of the course. If a rider leaves the outline of the course, he must re-enter at the point he left the course. If not, he is disqualified. A one second penalty is given for each cone that is knocked out of place, and each time a foot touches the ground. The two fastest times of the Unit are combined for a total score of the Unit. Trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each class.
It is to the Unit's advantage to ride as many riders as possible. This way, if any rider does not complete the course, or does not stop in the stop box, and is disqualified, the unit still has several scores that can be used.
There is no inspection required on the Obstacle Course, except that the Officer in charge of each course may verify your proper classification.
Some Units are composed of vehicles that according to their cc's, may fall into more than one Obstacle Course or Competitive Drill class. There is no rule prohibiting them from entering more than one class. The only exception is that they must have at least two riders, and that no member may ride the Obstacle Course more than once.

CSASMC OBSTACLE COURSE RULES - click here for print friendly version

1. The Obstacle Course will be a timed course and each competitor will be timed individually.
2. All members of a motorized unit and are members of CSASMC may ride the Obstacle
3. The same vehicle cannot be used by two contestants. Each rider must have his own vehicle and it must be the same vehicle used in Competitive Drill, if he competed.
4. Any motorized unit that is a member of CSASMC may compete on the Obstacle Course, regardless of whether the unit participated in Competitive Drill or not. All vehicles and riders must pass inspection.
5. Any unit that desires to compete on the Obstacle Course must present at least two competitors who must complete the course satisfactorily for a score as the two fastest times will be added together for a unit score.
6. Any unit that competes on the Obstacle Course but does not have two scores of completion will be disqualified.
7. No contestant may compete in more than one classification and must be the same class as their Competitive Drill
8. No contestant may ride the Obstacle Course for practice before the start of competition. Anyone doing so will be disqualified. However, the course may be walked when the judges give permission.
9. To be ready for the Obstacle Course the riders must line up in the order that they are "signed in" for competition, and line his vehicle up just prior to the starting line as instructed by the judge. As he is told that he is ready to proceed, he may do so. The riders time will start as the vehicle crosses the starting.
10. While the rider is on the course he must follow the course as it is designed and if he runs out of the designed course he must re-enter the designed course at the same point as he ran off the designed course and continue the course. If the rider fails to re-enter the course at the same place as he exited the course, this rider is disqualified.
11. Each time a riders foot touches the ground or knocks a cone down or moves it out of position to the point that it must be re-set , a one second penalty will be added to, this riders score, for each of the individual infractions.
12. At the end of the designed course there will be a "stop" line. The timer will stop the time of the ride at this point. There will be a "safety" stop line thirty-six inches after the "stop" line and each rider must stop with his front wheel within this area or this rider is disqualified.
13. Obstacle Course riders only will be inspected at the obstacle course for correct classification and uniformity",
14. Judges shall have absolute privacy during the contest and shall not be approached by anyone except members of the Competition Committee. Any interference, or anyone gathering around the score table to see the times will cause a automatic disqualification of the unit. No score will be announced prior to the Awards Banquet. The Decisions of the judges shall be final.

15. All participants on the two wheel obstacle course will be required to wear helmets. 16. No hopped up or stripped down vehicles will be allowed.
17. Any Unit that is riding Obstacle Course only, and not in Competitive Drill, must report to the Obstacle Course no later than one hour after the announced start time of Competitive Drill. If a Unit that is riding Obstacle Course only, fails to report within the hour allowed, such Unit may still ride the Obstacle Course, but will have to wait until there is there are no Units from Competitive Drill waiting to ride the course.

The classification to which a member motorized unit is assigned in Obstacle Course shall be determined by the size of cc's of the engine used by such motorized unit.

Two Wheel Course
    Midget Class
- 0 to 100cc
    Light Weight Class
- 101 to 249cc Medium Weight Class - 250 to 499cc
    Light Heavy Weight Class
- 500 to 899cc Heavy Weight Class - 900cc and up

    Harley Full Dress

    Scooter Class

Multi-Wheel Course

    Mini T
    Mini Indy's Small
- Less than 7 hp
    Mini Indy's Large
- More than 7 hp
    Three Wheel Small
- Less than four cylinders
    Three Wheel Large - More than four cylinders. 32 Roadsters

    Novelty Class

    Four Wheel Small- 0 to 150cc
    Four Wheel Medium
- 151 to 300cc
    Four Wheel Large
- 30Icc and up

Revised 4-28-2001

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