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Any Shrine Unit may enter Competitive Drill in any and all classes that pertain to their particular vehicles. It is divided into several classifications to accommodate nearly any type of Unit vehicle. Each Unit in each class will have two parts to the Competition, a line inspection for vehicles and personal and drill maneuvers on a 150'x300' (Proposed Change 120'x240' 042812 MWM) drill field. Each Unit starts with a score of 100 points. Deductions are taken for infractions determined by the judges for only the items on the score sheet.

The classes for two wheel vehicles are determined by the size of engines which are: Midget Class 0-100cc, Lightweight Class 1O1-250cc, Medium Weight Class 250- 499cc, Light Heavy Weight Class 500-899cc, Heavy Weight Class 900cc and up, Harley Full Dress, and Un-Uniform Class. All classes are self explanatory except the Un- Uniform Class. This class was created to accommodate Units that have several different types and sizes of bikes. All Units in the Un-Uniform Class take an automatic 2 point deduction for equipment uniformity and begin with a score of 98.

    Multi-wheel vehicles are broken into several classes to accommodate the various
        types of vehicles used: 32 Roadsters-Generally a small 4 wheel vehicle with a
        body that resembles a roadster type vehicle.
    Mini T's- Generally a small 4 wheel vehicle with a body that resemble a antique
        model- T
    Mini Indys-Generally a 4 wheel vehicle that resembles a Indy race car
    3 Wheel Small- 3 wheel vehicles with less than 4 cylinders
    3 Wheel Large- 3 wheel vehicles with more than 3 cylinders
    4 Wheel Small- 0-150cc engines
    4 Wheel Medium- 151-300cc engines
    4 Wheel Large- 301 cc and up
    Novelty Class- none of the above- This class was created to accommodate unusual vehicles that may possibly fall into one of the above classes, but is unique in it's appearance. Current vehicles in this class include, but are not limited to, airplanes, farm machinery, or electric vehicles.

The first part of Competitive Drill involves the line inspection. Each Unit must line their vehicles and personnel one the assigned inspection line for a military type inspection. The judge will inspect only four vehicles and personnel and make deductions for infractions according to the score sheet. They will be looking for things like neatness, cleanliness, uniformity, and presentation of Unit. Immediately following the line inspection, the Unit must proceed to the drill field for their drill maneuvers. The drill area is a field 150'x300' (Proposed Change 120'x240' 042812 MWM) where each Unit must perform their maneuvers. There is no required or mandatory drills. Each Unit is allowed to create their own drill. Each Unit must be on the field at least 5 minutes (Proposed Change least 4 minutes 042812 MWM), but no longer than 10 minutes. Four judges will deduct points for infractions according to the score sheet. They will be judging for posture, ease of handling, interval and distance, rider error (foot down, falling over etc.), variety of drills, execution of drills, and difficulty of maneuvers. Upon competition of their drill, as each Unit leaves the field, the leader must stop his vehicle before the painted safety line. Scores will be tabulated and trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place at the Awards Banquet.

CSASMC COMPETITIVE DRILL RULES   click here for print friendly version

The competition areas shall be 150 by 300 feet (Proposed Change 120'x240' 042812 MWM) and the Competition Chairman shall notify all motorized units of any change at least thirty days in advance. Before the competition begins, the President or Captain of each motorized unit shall certify that all his members dues are paid. There shall be no limitation as to the size of any motorized unit participating in the drill competition. No member may participate with any other motorized unit other than his own. All motorized drill masters, colors, and/or standards taking part in the contest are subject to judging and all requirements including Motor Corp membership.

The judges who will judge the drill competition will be informed by the President and the First Vice President on how to make their inspections, explain the score sheets and method of scoring. There shall be a minimum of four judges to score the maneuvers, one judge the personal appearance, and one judge to score the vehicle being used or ridden.

All motorized units will begin the competition with one hundred points and shall loose points for infractions. All four judges on the drill fields shall score all aspects of the score sheets, except judge #1 will be the only judge to score the time on and time off the field.

The scores of all four judges will be added for a total and averaged for a final score. Each motorized unit entering competition will be allowed not less than five (Proposed Change least 4 minutes 042812 MWM), not more than ten minutes on the field and will be penalized for violations of this rule. Judges will use a stop watch timing which will begin when the last man enters the field and will stop when the first leaves the field. Three points will be subtracted for overtime or under time on the field.

Four vehicles and personal will be judged by all units in the same classification on the inspection line only. Units must have all vehicles and personal that are participating in Competitive Drill on the inspection line. No one will know which vehicles or personal will be inspected. This will be determined by the judges at the .inspection line. Judges shall have absolute privacy during the contest and shall not be approached by anyone except members of the Competition Committee. No scores will be announced until the time of the Awards Banquet.

Trophies will be presented to the first, second, and third place winners. iri. the event oia tie, two trophies shall be presented. A committee of three Past Presidents shall be appointed to award all trophies not covered by these rules.

Any motorized unit who allows any member to participate without first having
paid dues for such member, will be disqualified.

All members of all motorized units shall stand inspection in their Fez, but the wearing of a helmet is recommended on the drill field. Helmets do not have to be identical, and no judging will be done on helmets.

SAFETY RULE: A white line shall be placed 20 feet or less outside the entrance/gate of each competitive drill field. All drill units must come to a complete stop on~ or before reaching this line after drill is completed or be disqualified.

CSASMC COMPETITION RULES (Continued) - click here for print friendly version


The classification to which a member motorized unit is assigned in competition shall be determined by the size of cc's of the engine used by such motorized unit.

Two Wheel Vehicles:   
Midget Class - 00 to 100cc
    Light Weight Class
-101 to 249cc
    Medium Weight Class
- 250 to 499cc
    Light Heavy Weight Class
- 500 to 899cc
    Heavy Weight Class - 900cc and up
Harley Full Dress
Un-Uniform Class 
    Scooter Class

Multi-Wheel Vehicles:
32 Roadster Class
    Mini Indys Small Less than 7 hp  
Indys Large More than 7 hp    
    Three Wheel Small - less than four cylinders
    Three Wheel Large
- four or more cylinders
Four Wheel Small - 00cc to 150cc
    Four Wheel Medium
- 15lcc to 300cc
    Four Wheel Large
- 30lcc and up
    Novelty Class

Show Car Competition:

    Antique Cars
    Special Interest
    Sports Car

Show Motorcycles Competition:

There are no special classes as yet and all bikes will be grouped into one single class.

Un-Uniform Class- Any Unit who has motorcycles that are street legal of any size that are not uniform in year, make, model, color, or accessories. All Units will take a 2 point deduction on uniformity of equipment.

Competitive Drill Tally Sheet Click on the link to print or just click on the above tally sheet

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