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Requirements for CSASMC Competition

The Central States Association of Shrine Motor Corps has been participating in Competition at the CSSA Ceremonials for over 30 years. The facilities required to put on CSASMC Competition has changed little over this period of time. In order for CSASMC to hold Competition, we require the following items:

1. At minimum 4.5 acres of clean, flat, unobstructed paved area. We have two Competition Fields and a Show Car Field that are 45,000 sq. ft. each. These areas need to be unobstructed, but do not have to be next to each other. Example: We can use three separate portions of a paved area that may be separated by curb stops or islands. We also set up two Obstacle Courses that require approx. 20,000 sq.-ft. each. These again can be. in adjoining paved area separated by islands. The remaining areas are used for inspection lines, scoring areas, and for spectators. This area needs to be available on Thursday morning for set up, and will be cleared by 2:00 P.M. on Friday.

2. At least 4 acres of adjoining parking area to park tow vehicles and trailers. This area is used only on Friday.

3. Access to eight golf carts to distribute score sheets. We will make all arrangements for delivery and pick up and payment, all we need is a source.

4. Emergency Medical Personnel present on the Competition site.

5. A concession stand is needed on site. Generally, local Masonic organizations such as DeMolay, Jobs Daughters, or a Blue Lodge can use this as a fund raiser. It is also understood that some complexes that allow us to use their facilities will require you to use their concession people.

6. At least 8-12 portable restrooms on the Competition site.

7. At least 18 people who are willing to volunteer their time on Friday morning to judge and score our Competition. Generally if we have an Officer who is a member of the host Temple, he can usually furnish the judges. At other times, the host Temples have made arrangement for judges for all aspects of Competition. We are able to work with either method that works best for the host Temple. Also, CSASMC will pay all items from the concession stand for all the judges, and invite them to our Awards Banquet as our guests.

8. A scoring trailer for the Secretary and his personnel to tabulate the score sheets. An air conditioned construction type trailer usually works the best; a Mobile home is usually too small but can be used. Again, sometimes one of the local CSASMC Officers may be able to furnish this.

9. A banquet facility that can seat 600-900 people at a sit down dinner is required. Our Banquet is always held on Friday and can be in the afternoon or the evening, whichever can be arranged with a proper facility. We do not expect the host Temple to select the place or menu of our banquet, but rather give us a choice of at least two or three facilities to choose from. Since the Motor Corp has the largest number of people attending an Awards Banquet, we need to secure a facility that can accommodate us before the larger places are given to those with fewer number of people in attendance.

10. A facility where we can hold a meeting on Thursday afternoon which can hold about 250 people. We usually try to hold the meeting at the host Temple, if they would like us to use their facilities. This is another item that is usually taken care of by a CSASMC Officer or Past President when one is member of the host Temple.

11. We award on the average about 80 trophies. This is another item that is sometimes taken care of by one of our Officers. At other times, the host Temple makes arrangements with a local trophy dealer to furnish all the trophies for all the Associations. We have no problem working with them as long as the quality and the cost of the trophies is comparable to what we usually have.

This will help in setting up your CSSA Ceremonial. Any of the CSASMC Officers will be glad to assist you in any manner they can.

Purpose | Show Car | Obstacle | Show Bike | Slow Ride | Traveling Trophy | Drill | Awards

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