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There were no actual changes made in any rules at the Mid-Winter Meeting.  Most discussion was on clarification of existing classes.

In the Novelty Class, it was decided that everyday manufactured vehicles should compete in a two, three, or four wheel class as determined by their engine size.   The golf carts will compete in the Four Wheel Medium Class as before.  Novelty Class will consist of Vehicles that are new and unique such as airplanes, combines, boats and bowling pins, etc.

In the Milestone Class, it was noted that there are some vehicles competing that are somewhat modified from their original production.  After much discussion it was decided that the Milestone Class was obsolete and that vehicles now competing in Milestones could also be judged in other existing classes.

It was brought t the members attention that there are a few Units in the Show Car Competition that are writing on their score sheets, declarations of defects on their vehicles.  Generally these are paint and windshield chips.  It was explained to the members that the ONLY items that can be declared, is damage that occured while in transit to Competition.  If there is any other defect, fix it or take your chances that the judges will make a deduction for it.

Discussion was held on the possibility of having some kind of Competition for Show Bikes similar to the Show Car Competition.  It was decided that we will hold Competition in a Show Bike Class and that since this is new, all motorcycles will be shown in one general class and the President will determine the judging method.  Any member may enter any type and as many motorcycles as they want to, including your Competitive Drill bide.  Trophies will be awarded to first, second and third place winners.  This is a trial to a possibly new classification and more discussion on this class will be held at the next Mid-Winter Meeting.

A new Convertible class was added to the Show Car Competition as a possible tool of adding new Units to the Motor Corp.  This new class is for any Unit or Club that is made up of convertibles only.  If your Unit or Club is made up of a variety of vehicles of which some are convertibles, those convertibles will compete in the already existing classes.  It was mentioned that only about half of the Temples in Central States have motorized Units in Competition even though they all have them and they do come to Central States.  This new Convertible Class was created as a target to the Divan of each member Temple because this is generally the type of vehicle that they parade in at Central States.  This was presented to all the Potentates of Central States at the CSSA Mid-Winter Meeting and was followed up to them and their Recorders with a mailing of all information in regards to the Motor Corp.


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