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The Central States Association of Shrine Motor Corps was formed in 1962 to provide friendly Competition among the motorized Units of the member Shrine Temples within the CSSA Association. Any motorized Shrine Unit or Club of any type may join the Association and enter into any of the many types of Competition. In the early 1960's, the membership consisted mostly of motorcycle Units. Today the member Units are made up of two wheel, three wheel and four wheel Units including show cars and motorcycles. Competition is broken into several different types of competition which are Competitive Drill, Obstacle Course, Slow Ride Course, Show Car Competition, and Motorcycle Show Competition. Any member Unit can enter into any or all types of Competition with no restrictions as to number of vehicles used in any form of Competition.

The functions of the Association are the Competition which is held on Friday of the CSSA Ceremonial Session each fall, and the Mid-Winter Meeting which is held in the spring of each year. .

The Mid-Winter Meeting is usually held in the hometown of the President or the city of the Shrine Temple that the President is a member of.  This Meeting is generally held in March or April beginning with social activities on Thursday and Friday, with the Mid-Winter Meeting and Election of Officers on Saturday morning. A banquet is held that same evening that includes the Installation of the newly elected Officers. All business of the Association is conducted at the Mid-Winter Meeting, which generally includes any changes in Competition Classes, Competition Rules, Competition Judging, and adding or deleting any Competition Classes. Each Unit member is entitled to one vote at this meeting and any or all members are encouraged to attend.

The Competition part is always held each fall during the CSSA Ceremonial. It begins on Thursday morning with the setting up of the Competition Fields, followed by a Fall Meeting that afternoon. The meeting is generally an information meeting where the Units will be informed of the Competition site and all the condition that exist including parking situations and most important, the time that their Unit is scheduled for Competition. All Competition is held on Friday and usually begins at 8:00 A.M. and will finish about 2:00 P.M.. The Annual Awards Banquet always follows Competition and generally will begin at 6:00 P.M.. Here all Competition results are announced and Units are awarded trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all classes and types of Competition. Also special awards or Traveling Trophies are awarded in several categories which are High Point on Drill Field #1, #2, and Show Car, Slow Ride, Fastest Time on Two Wheel Obstacle Course, Three Wheel Obstacle Course, Four Wheel Obstacle Course, and Sportsmanship Award. .

As mentioned, Competition is broken into several different categories and a brief explanation of each is included along with a copy of the scoring sheet in each category. If any Unit has any questions on any aspect of the Motor Corp, feel free to give any of the Officers a call. If you would like an Officer to attend one of your meetings, please give the President a call and he will be happy to assign an Officer in your area to meet with you.

Purpose | Show Car | Obstacle | Show Bike | Slow Ride | Traveling Trophy | Drill | Awards

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