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Frequently Asked Questions HOSPITAL

Frequently Asked Questions COMPETITION

Q.  Do you have the dates for the up coming CSSA?

A:  CSSA is held every year Thursday through Sunday prior to the Labor Day holiday in the city of the current President of CSSA or a location so designated.


Q.  What are the size of the drill fields?

A:  150'x300' is the standard size for drill.  Field size has been adjusted in the past to 120'x240' due to space availability.


Q.  How much time do we have on the drill field?

A:  5-10 minutes.  Time starts when the last vehicle enters the field and stops when the first vehicle leaves the drill field.  We have changed the drill field times in the past to 4-8 minutes to accommodate smaller field size.


Q.  Is there a "officially/sanctioned" practice time?

A:  There is NO PRACTICE allowed on the Competition Fields when we are at CSSA.


Q.  When will the actual Drill times be posted/available?

A:  The Drill times will be provided to every Unit at CSSA during the Fall Business Meeting usually held on Thursday afternoon.


Q.  In the rules it states that a man cannot ride in two (2) classifications.  We have a couple of members that ride in both of our Unit Teams, Honda 600 and Open class.  Are we in trouble?

A:  Your not in trouble - We need to clear this up at the Mid-Winter Meeting.  I know it has been done in the past.  I'm in the same situation now with my Big Harley and my Mini Indy.  


Q.  What are the scheduled times for the Obstacle course?

A:  Units that participate in the drill competition go immediately to the obstacle course after leaving the drill fields.  If your unit is ONLY doing the obstacle course then you need to check in at the Obstacle course as soon as possible in the AM.


Q.  How wide is the two wheel obstacle course?

A:  Somewhere between 48 inches and 52 inches.  We need to discuss this at the Mid-Winter Meeting


Q.  The Camel herders have 26 active unit member but only 16 mini tractors. Must we pay for all members as well? All units do the same?

A:  All regular members in the unit must pay dues to CSASMC regardless of the classes entered. Midian MP pays for the max of 25 members each year and maybe 12 to 20 enter competition. Un uniform is a class and two wheel heavy is a class.


Q.  There is no distinction on the Registration form for "Uniform" or "Un uniform".

A:  Un uniform class is different colors and models.


Q.  Why can't we have a Gold Wing Class?

A:  Come to Mid-Winter and make your request.  Gold Wings are in two wheel heavy.  There is no Gold Wing class as of this time.


Q.  We would be interested in reactivating membership only if our 2 wheel and 3 wheel bikes are appropriately and fairly Classified. 

A:  Trikes are in the 3 Wheel large. Gold wings are in 2 wheel heavy if uniform and Un uniform class is different colors and models. 

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